The Baby Plan: Baby’s First Year

The first year of your baby’s life will the longest short year of your life. Somedays you will find yourself wishing your baby could walk and talk, help dress themselves, and let you know what they need. And then all of a sudden, your baby is a toddler who does all these things, and you will have no idea when this happened or where your baby went. I am sure this is something you have heard ad nauseam, and I did as well! With a 14-month old, I have recently gone through this, and let me tell you, all the little old ladies at the grocery store were right when they said, “Don’t blink!”.

My Baby Plan is designed to capture three of the most important ages/milestones of the first year - newborn, sitting, and one year.



Ah, squishy newborns. They will never be this small again, and I make sure to capture all their tiny little details - fingers and toes, lips, and just how small they are in parents arms.


Six months/sitting

This is perhaps my favorite session. Your baby is really starting to show their personality and interact with the world. They are sitting up on their own, grabbing their toes, and maybe even doing some crawling, or more likely, some scooting. A great time for sibling photos or with the family dog!


One Year

This session will be here before you know it, and your little helpless baby will start looking like a toddler more and more each day. They may have their own set of words, be walking, signing, and will almost definitely have opinions of their own. This session is great for a cake smash, or more informal, “un-posed” family photos outside.