Hey, weren't you a wedding photographer?

Hi there!  Yes, I was a wedding photographer, for roughly 8 years, and we're still shooting a very limited number of weddings.  We made some big changes in our life within the past year, mainly relocating to Connecticut (where I'm from) and the birth of our daughter Juniper this past December.

While I have been running my own wedding photography business, the past 3 years of my career I was running a newborn, baby, + family photography studio (CMP Studios in Lincoln, MA).  I fell in love with photographing newborns and watching little ones grow.  So when we moved down here to CT, we made the decision to change the business to a baby + family photography studio.  This will free up many of our weekends that we will spend with our daughter, which we used to spend photographing weddings.

And because I never blogged these weddings last year (and my wedding blog is no longer up), here are some of my favorite images and moments from my 2017 wedding season - before we get on with all the baby cuteness!