Greenwich, CT Newborn Photography | Delilah, 12 Days

My career in newborn portraiture was still a baby back in 2010 when I was hired to photograph baby Tyler. There’s nothing more humbling than a previous newborn client hiring me for baby #2, and especially for baby #3! I have been photographing this family since 2010 and was thrilled to meet the newest addition to the family, baby Delilah

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Introducing Lily Rose | Rye Newborn Photography

Sweet Lily was eight days new for her in-home newborn session.  She loved being all bundled up in a swaddle.  With the most adorable chubby little cheeks and almond shaped eyes, she tried to fight off sleep, but this was eventually a battle she lost.  We managed to capture some beautiful open eye images, along with some sweet snoozing ones.  And this was all within the comfort of their own home.

Documenting Your Newborn | CT Newborn Photography

I think documenting your baby in the first couple weeks of life is so important.  Everything is new, different, scary, and you're just getting to know your little one.  And I know you are sick of hearing this (as I am!), but they change *so* quickly, without you even realizing it.

After having gone through it myself, I wish I had taken my daughter in for her newborn session earlier.  Due to our circumstances, we couldn't make it in for a newborn session until she was 18 days old.  At that point, she was an "old" newborn!  She had changed so much already. {I was much too delirious and too uncomfortable to photograph her myself}.  As time passes, there is still a lot I remember about my daughter as a newborn, but I can't help ask myself, what am I forgetting?

{Make sure you have your sound on, I found the perfect music for this little video!}