Documenting Your Newborn | CT Newborn Photography

I think documenting your baby in the first couple weeks of life is so important.  Everything is new, different, scary, and you're just getting to know your little one.  And I know you are sick of hearing this (as I am!), but they change *so* quickly, without you even realizing it.

After having gone through it myself, I wish I had taken my daughter in for her newborn session earlier.  Due to our circumstances, we couldn't make it in for a newborn session until she was 18 days old.  At that point, she was an "old" newborn!  She had changed so much already. {I was much too delirious and too uncomfortable to photograph her myself}.  As time passes, there is still a lot I remember about my daughter as a newborn, but I can't help ask myself, what am I forgetting?

{Make sure you have your sound on, I found the perfect music for this little video!}